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How do I assemble my new Shift bag?Updated a year ago

The base of the Shift is now removable. This allows the bag to be shipped much more efficiently, saving on resources, but also allows you to collapse the Shift down for travel or easy storage. The base of the bag can be inserted in a few easy steps.

1)   The base is a similar triangular shape to the Shift. The large side at the back panel coming to a point at the front near the water bottle.

2)   Inside the base of the Shift you will see two pieces of liner, one on the left side and one on the right side. Start by sliding the left side of base under the left side liner and slide it in as far as possible. Make sure it's snug in the left corner .

3)   Next insert the right side by bending up the middle of the base in a similar shape to a bridge. Slide the edge under the right side liner.

4)   once the right side is under the right liner flap, press down on the middle of the "bridge" and slide the base all the way into the right side. You may need to lift the bag and wiggle the base to get it fully set into all corners.

5)   once set, place the bag on the ground and press down from inside the bag on the top of the base to ensure the base is flat.

6)   you may have twisted the sewn edges of the left/right liner while inserting the base, simply untuck these edges for a completely flat base.

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