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ShippingUpdated 3 months ago

Where do you ship?

Please read our Shipping Policy page for information on where we ship.

When will my order be shipped?

Please read our Shipping Policy page for information on shipment processing time.

When will my order be delivered?

Please read our Shipping Policy page for information on shipment delivery time.

How can I track my order?

Please read our Shipping Policy page for information on shipment confirmation and tracking.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Shipping Costs are based on order merchandise total weight and the destination. 

Read more about our shipping policy and shipment costs.

You will see shipping charges specific to your location during checkout.

Can I ship to an address that is different from my billing address?

Absolutely! When you set up your Upper Park Disc Golf account, you’re able to enter separate shipping addresses and save addresses that you may want to ship to in the future. 

Where is my order?

Can't Find Your Package?

Not to worry! Most items are found within two days. Here are some things to try:

  • Check that your shipping address is correct.

    • Let's make sure we shipped to the right place. Current shipping addresses are listed under “Account Details” on the Customer Account page.
  • Check around your home or with neighbors.

    • Boxes might be at back doors, behind bushes, etc.
  • Give it 2 days.

    • Sometimes carriers incorrectly scan packages that are still in transit.
  • Check your mailbox or anywhere else you receive mail.

    • Carriers deliver differently, especially if the package is small enough to fit inside your mailbox.
  • Check for a notice of attempted delivery.

    • This notice will tell you the steps you should take to receive your package.
  • Contact the Carrier

    • Use your tracking number to start a claim with the carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.).
    • To contact FedEx, call 1-800-463-3339.
    • For UPS, submit a claim or call 1-866-742-5877.
  • Tried everything?
    • We'll fix it!

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What is Upper Park Disc Golf's shipping policy?

Our flat-rate pricing system lets you know what to expect right from the start. You'll never have any hidden costs because we offer our best and fairest shipping rates, guaranteed!

Please click to review our Shipping Policy. 

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