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What materials are used for the bags?Updated 9 months ago

Disc golf bags are an essential resource in your sports routine. They can be made from a variety of materials that influence the weight and user experience for disc golfers. Choosing an ideal disc golf bag is based on a few things—style, size, material, colors, features, and storage capacity.

Our disc golf bags are designed and developed in the USA. Our bags are currently manufactured in Vietnam which allows access to world-class materials and craftsmanship along with affordable retail prices.

Our new Onyx Rebel is the first disc golf bag made with certified recycled materials. This is part of our overall sustainability efforts and our plan to have all of our bags made with recycled materials in the future.

Check out this article where we break down everything you need to know about our disc golf bag materials, the advantages of each, and the options here at Upper Park Disk Golf.

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